Monday, January 26, 2009

New Year, New Ideas

One of the many challenges I am facing right now is coming up with fresh, new ideas on how to grow my business. I want to attract new clients and increase my reach and frequency in my target markets.  But coming up with new and innovative ways to do this has proven to be quite difficult.
A New Year means a new beginning, a great way to start the year off on a good note.  I want 2009 to be different than 2008...which means I have to stretch outside of my comfort zone.  I network with others, read blogs, magazines and just about anything that will get my creative juices flowing.  Still, I have run into a brick wall. 
I know one quality that successful business owners have in common is that they are proactive thinkers, they are always looking for ways to 'think outside of the box'.  There are some people who are blessed with this wonderful gift.  They are creative geniuses with a natural ability to be original and unique.   So, if I have just described you, see if you can answer this question for me:  How do you stay fresh and new the marketplace?  What/Who is the catalyst for your new ideas?

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Mrs. NearlyWed said...

I am always thinking about new ideas and i write them down. I will see something in June and think, it would be really hot if they did it like this or that. Everything I read is potentially the catalyst for a new idea. Just last night I received an eblast for an upcoming shopping event, it sparked an idea for a new event that my firm can promote as a quick money maker in the Spring. There is nothing new under the sun. DOING something rather than trying to wait for the BIG earth shattering idea I believe is the key. If your goals are reasonable and quantified, you should feel as though you're moving in the right direction. My motto last year was Forward Momentum, understanding it's not a sprint but a marathon.

In summation :) Ideas spring from everything, keep a notebook with neat things that you see that catch your eye or make you pause. Why do they resonate with you? How can that model be tweaked for your industry? Tag team with another firm in a cross industry. Have some fun.