Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How will you make 2009 different?

Like you, I hate the phrase "New Year's Resoultions". Because as we all know, they are mostly never kept. Each year, it's the same thing for me. For the first couple of weeks, I stick to my goals and I feel pretty good about myself. Then life settles in and the next thing I know, my resolutions are out the door.

The number nine represents attainment, satisfaction, accomplishment and success to achieve influence over circumstances. So, on this New Year's Eve, I am sitting down to carve out my resolutions for 2009. Because I am putting them on this blog for everyone to see, I know that I have to hold myself accountable. So, here they are.

1. I resolve to put more effort into marketing my business and my services.
2. I resolve to post items on my blog on a more regular basis.
3. I resolve to being more organized and proactive as it relates to my business responsibilities.

So, what are your New Year's Resolutions? How will you exert influence over your circumstances? How will you make 2009 different?

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Mrs. NearlyWed said...

Can I pull your coattails in love? One post in 30 days does not more frequent posting make :) LOL

My motto for 2009 is Forward Momentum, For 2008 Intentionality was 2008 but in the 4th qtr of 2009 Forward Momentum was given to me and I feel led to continue in that vein. It is purposely vague, not to let me off the hook, but not to have me obsessing and feeling I am not doing enough or the write thing. I need positive energy in my life.
Thus far (almost 30 days in) I have keep to my goal of producing my first show and moved forward toward taking that show to additional cities. Forward momentum. I don't have dates for the addtl shows yet, but I have the cities and I have a team researching the market and scouting venues, and I am meeting key people in those markets everyday. Forward Momentum.

I personally feel a shift coming for me, it's a slight shift but one i am looking forward to. But I understand it's all a process so I must keep focusing to keep everything in good shape.