Thursday, April 2, 2009

In the mood for something "tweet"?

I apologize for being MIA lately...but I've been tackling a lot of new projects lately. One of them is learning about the hottest Twitter Trend that is sweeping the Internet. According to Wikipedia, Twitter is a social networking service that enables users to send and read others' users updates known as 'tweets'. Tweets are text based posts of up to 140 characters. Twitter can be a great marketing tool for entrepreneurs who are testing the social media waters and a fun way to keep in touch with your family and friends.

So, for the next several posts I will be re-blogging a series titled:

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business
by Chris Brogan

Here's the link to his page:
First Steps

1.Build an account and immediate start using Twitter Search to listen for your name, your competitor’s names, words that relate to your space. (Listening always comes first.)
2, Add a picture. ( Shel reminds us of this.) We want to see you.
3. Talk to people about THEIR interests, too. I know this doesn’t sell more widgets, but it shows us you’re human.
4. Point out interesting things in your space, not just about you.
5. Share links to neat things in your community. ( @wholefoods does this well).
6. Don’t get stuck in the apology loop. Be helpful instead. ( @jetblue gives travel tips.)
7. Be wary of always pimping your stuff. Your fans will love it. Others will tune out.
8. Promote your employees’ outside-of-work stories. ( @TheHomeDepot does it well.)
9. Throw in a few humans, like RichardAtDELL, LionelAtDELL, etc.
10. Talk about non-business, too, like @astrout and @jstorerj from Mzinga.
Stay tuned for more helpful tips.

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