Friday, March 13, 2009

Taking a step back

One of the great things about owning my own company is that I can move at my own pace.  I know that if things have to get done, I am the one responsible for making sure it happens. However, sometimes being 'the only' one can work against me.  You know, it's like looking through a magnifying glass.  You can hyper-focus on something so much that it looks one way to you...but when you back the glass up to take another look..things appear a lot differently. Applying that same logic to my business, I've found that it's best to bounce my ideas off SEVERAL people, to make sure I get clear picture on a pending project or proposal.  I prefer to get that diverse feedback from people I know won't always agree with me.  I believe that things you may WANT to hear from others may not always be the things you NEED to hear. 

So if you are like me or other entrepreneurs I know, take a step back if you find yourself struggling to make progress in a particular area.  Who knows where it may lead you. Taking a step back is not always a bad thing.  Especially if it takes you closer to your goals.

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