Monday, July 14, 2008

Where does all the time go?

It never fails. Each morning I wake up with every intention of tackling the day. I own and operate my own public relations consulting business so my days are always filled to capacity. My “TO DO” lists are detailed, my desk is organized with my notes and my cell phone is charged and ready to make calls. But somehow, someway, something always comes up to throw my whole day off track. A phone call takes longer than expected, I have to make a last minute run to the post office to mail or pick up a package, or something else happens that takes me away from completing my daily duties. I understand there will ALWAYS be something to do at the end of the day. But there has to be a better way to organize my time. I am constantly looking for tips and advice on how to maximize my time and efforts so I can take care of my business life and my personal responsibilities. Not to mention fitting in my 30 minutes to an hour of exercise at least five times a week! The list never ends. Sometimes I feel I am running in circles without being productive at all.

This week I am trying something different to get the most out of days:

I am limiting my phone conversations during the week with my friends to no more than 20 minutes. I will reserve longer conversations to the weekends.
I will tackle my projects and duties that require the most comprehension and attention to detail in the morning. I am a morning person and I am the sharpest in the early part of the day, not at night.
I will get up earlier in the morning. I find that I get more work done by waking up no later than 6:00 am.

Hopefully these changes will increase my level of productivity. I will give it a try over the next couple of weeks and see how it goes!

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