Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Manic Monday

Another Monday...another opportunity to start the week off in a productive way. The one thing I love about owning my own business is that I feel in control of my destiny, my future and my finances. But the down side is that it comes with a huge level of responsibility. I never feel as if I am doing enough to grow my business. Finding new clients is a never ending chore as is keeping up with the demand of staying competitive in a fierce marketplace. According to the Washington Based Center for Women's Business Research, up to four years ago, nearly half ,48%, of privately held firms were 50% or more owned by women. There is no secret that more and more women around the world are recognizing the value of being entrepreneurs. That means more and more women are in the position of strengthening the economy in ways that's never been done before. It's exciting to be a part of this growing trend. It also presents a tremendous opportunity for women entrepreneurs to support each other and network. This has been somewhat a challenge for me. Is it realistic for women to reach out and offer resources to help one another? Or are women just as competitive (or even more so) than men? I don't know just yet...I will reserve my opinion until I gather more information......

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