Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Social Networking 101 on top of growing my business, I have to become a master of social networking and online marketing?! That's what I am starting to realize. I want to increase my online popularity...I want to become an informative resource for women entrepreneurs. I realize this doesn't happen overnight...that it takes time to build these things. The goal is to increase traffic to my blogs and website. With millions of choices on the WWW these days, its becoming more and more competitive to get the attention of viewers. I know that a significant part of owning your own business is learning how to reach beyond your comfort zone in an effort to reach customers from diverse backgrounds and with diverse interests.

So, I did a little digging in a area that I truly don't know a whole lot about: Social Networking. I know how to network.... the old fashioned way. You know... talking, shaking someone's hand and introducing myself at a networking event or mixer. I am pretty good at that.....but networking online? That's a new concept for me. During my research, I came across some terms and titles that came up over and over again. Technoratic. Digg. Del BlogHer. (?), Ping, Twitter....the list go on and on.

Where do I begin? Is one site better than the other? Is it necessary to do all of these or should I focus on a select few? Any thoughts? I accept any and all advice!

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Haralee said...

It can be very time consuming. I hired a wonderful woman who set things up for me with a tutorial. She is very patient when things don't go right and I highly recommend her. For me it was worth the investment to have her do it once correctly than have me spend hours and wondering if I was doing it right. You can contact me for her email address if you are interested. I don't get any thing from this. She was recommended to me by a friend and I am happy.