Friday, May 8, 2009

Who do you associate with?

As entrepreneurs, one of our most valuable assets is our time.  Because time is that one commodity you can never get back, I am very selective on who and with what I spend my time with.  So, when someone invites me to a network or referral group, I do my due diligence to make sure it is worth my time.  

However when you find a good one, industry associations can be a wonderful resource.  They can help you stay on top of trends in your business or industry.  They can also keep you sharp and motivated, help you stay on top of your game. More importantly, industry associations can give you the tools necessary to differentiate your business from others in a competitive marketplace.  Sometimes, it's not about WHO you network with during these association meetings...but about WHAT you can learn.  

Here's a list of several groups I have found to be helpful along my entrepreneurial journey. If you have one that has been helpful to you, feel free post it.

1.  Pass It Forward:
2.  NRG:
3.  WEB (Women Entrepreneurs of Baltimore:

Good Luck!

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