Friday, August 15, 2008

Second Guessing Your Customer Base

I make market and sell wicking sleepwear for women having night sweats. It is a niche market, but a growing and potentially big market. As the CEO of my company, I am always trying to get publicity for the company. If I have an article written about me, I get lots of sales. These customers then usually buy again because they want to have a spare pajama set or night gown while they launder the first. They are pleased with the product and that is wonderful, but my challenge is to get the next customer and the one after that. I can not depend on word of mouth because this is an intimate item that some women don’t feel comfortable talking about.

While my line of clothing travels well and feels great, I think women from all age groups should wear them, I am concentrating on my market niche.
I am wondering if this is a mistake.
Should I broaden my base and focus less on menopausal women and cancer patients but more on the general women population?

Menopause happens to all women, but many are in denial that it is happening to them. Night sweats is a very common side effect of menopause. Cancer treatments and medications also cause night sweats. The cotton industry has done a great job in convincing women that a cotton pajama set or night gown will help. Cotton does not retain its’ insulating qualities once wet. This means, you sweat, the cotton you are wearing gets wet, stays wet and you wake up cold and damp. So for my business,, I have to convince women that the sleepwear works, and to buy several and to tell their friends and family.

Does any one remember the television commercial, if you tell one person and they tell one person and so on? Well I need lots of those people telling! How to get women talking about something helpful but not very glamorous???

by Haralee Weintraub

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