Friday, February 6, 2009

What is your Online Marketing Strategy-PART II

Your Online Marketing Strategy: Leveraging Social Networks
by Terri Holley

Social Networks: Client Loyalty

My friend could have also leveraged the client loyalty inherent in many social networks, and perhaps created a situation in which I connected with a customer who had previously shared the same hesitations about purchasing. Imagine this customer discussing why they were happy with their purchase, not only with me, but with hundreds of other prospects. Think about the impact that would have had on my decision making and imagine how much sooner I might have entered the sales funnel.

Social Networks: Your Online Marketing Strategy

By using social networks, you can:
Remain in front of your prospects to deliver the right message at the right time
Leverage customer loyalty that exists within these networks
Move people into your sales funnel quicker and easier

Terri Holley, MS CPCC, is the owner and founder of Creative Blog Solutions. As one of the premier social media strategists, Ms. Holley specializes in integrating social technology into conventional marketing campaigns to create cutting-edge, balanced and cohesive online marketing strategies.

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